Art, Intellectual Property and the Knowledge Economy (AIPKE)

Note on the Edit

The download of Art, Intellectual Property & The Knowledge Economy (AIPKE) available on this site is the version presented for doctoral examination in 2002. The whole text is available here. No corrections, additions, or other alterations have been made. It is identical to the two hard copies available in Senate House Library, University of London.

There are a number of typos and other errors in the text, which I have decided not to correct. The decision to make no revisions needs some explanation.

Earlier drafts of this text were about 150,000 words and substantial editing was required to bring the final thesis within the 100,000 word limit required by the University of London. I duly "slaughtered my babies" as Howard put it.

However, long before I begun work on that final draft, I had been offered a contract to write a 60,000 word book for IB Tauris on art and copyright. My original plan was to edit the final draft of the PhD into 'the book'. Unfortunately, my interests and breadth of engagement grew during research for the doctorate. By the time the final 100,000 word doctoral submission emerged, its remit was much wider, and complex, than the original book outline.

This 100,000 word thesis also proved resistant to my attempts at editing it into the agreed book. This was due to many factors — the decision, late in 2003, to 'get out' of academia for a while, penury, rapid developments in the field(s) covered by the text and changes in my own thinking. I was also acutely aware of the many caveats, supporting arguments and details left on the cutting room floor in the wake of the first big edit. It became obvious that any book would be a related, but very different, project from the doctoral thesis.