Art, Intellectual Property and the Knowledge Economy (AIPKE)

Art, Intellectual Property & the Knowledge Economy (AIPKE)

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  1. Abstract and Contents Pages Download PDF
  2. Introduction Download PDF
    • Overview
    • Methodology and Literature Review
    • The Contribution of this thesis to the Fields of Study
    • The Order of Chapters
  3. Intellectual Property and Creative Labour in Renaissance Venice: The Rhetoric Model Download PDF
    • Introduction
    • Systems of Intellectual Property
    • Privileges and the Image
    • The Artist's 'Right' and the Art of Rhetoric
    • Conclusion
  4. Aesthetic Dematerialisation: The Semiotic/Network Model Download PDF
    • Introduction
    • Defining Dematerialisation
    • Towards Dematerialisation
    • Dematerialisation & New Models of Composition
    • Network Theory & the Sociology of Creative Labour
    • Conclusion
  5. Think Tank Aesthetics: The Art of Economic Dematerialistion Download PDF
    • Introduction
    • Identifying the Knowledge Economy: Between Material History and Aesthetic Process
    • The Knowledge Economy as Material History
    • The knowledge Economy as a Cultural Turn in Economic Theory
    • Elements Leading Towards the Contemporary Re-emergence of an Aestheticised Economy
    • The Knowledge Economy as Aesthetic Ideology: Case Studies in Economic Theory and Cultural Criticism
    • The Creative Subject and Creative Destruction: The Rhetoric of Intellectual Property and the Semiotics of Creative Labour
  6. The Knowledge Economy and Globalisation: Internationalising Intellectual Property and the Fate of Critical Art Practice Download PDF
    • Introduction: The Limits of the Creative Economy
    • Part I ~ Internationalising Intellectual Property
      • The Knowledge Economy and Globalisation
      • The Knowledge Economy and Foreign Policy
      • Mobilising Creativity as Foreign Policy
    • Part II ~ The Fate of Critical Art Practice
      • The Cultural Critique of Intellectual Property in the Era of Knowledge Economies
  7. Conclusion Download PDF
  8. Appendices Download PDF
    • Appendix A: Minimalism, Barthes and Copyright
    • Appendix B: Schulman's Periodisation of the Knowledge Economy
    • Appendix C: Tony Blair's Address to the Labour Party Conference1999
    • Appendix D: Critical Positions on Intellectual Property Law
    • Appendix E: The Social Field of Authorship
    • Appendix F: The Critique of Originality and Copyright
  9. Bibliography Download PDF